Monday, July 26, 2010

Tossed in the Waves

Have you ever grown weary in doing good? Become exhausted while trying to seek God's will because...well, we can never do enough? I have felt that way far too often lately. I've wrestled with having enough to do at my job...Am I really blessing God's kingdom by planning events? I've wrestled with my role in the church...Am I doing enough when it comes to mission planning? Even with this blog...there are plenty of inspirational blogs out there. Plenty of people trying to share what God is teaching them. I've wrestled with money--which organizations to give I choosing the right ones? Or should our resources be given else where? Friends, I think that anyone could suffer from fatigue when we let our minds get so consumed with questions like these. I need to be reminded more often that God is going to get things done; with or without me; but any work I do for His glory isn't in vain. I may not see how my actions ripple throughout lives in this life...but God does, and He is to do whatever He wants to with them.
So yesterday, when I read my devotional, I knew God was right there with me. Speaking to me. Giving me peace. I usually pick out different pieces of my devotional, but since it is short, I would like to share with you the whole thing..."Praying God's Word," Beth Moore:
"God's word does not say that we will have peace like a pond, but peace like a river, righteousness like the waves of the sea. Lord, I come to You in prayer, and I ask You now to let Your peace, God, which transcends all understanding, guard my heart and my mind in Christ Jesus (Phil. 4:7). Help me not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time I will reap a harvest if I do not give up (Gal. 6:9). Lord, when You bring this captive completely back to You, I will be like those who dream! My mouth will be filled with laughter and my tongue with songs of joy! The Lord has done great things for me, and I am filled with joy! (Ps. 126:1-3). You, O Lord, have filled my heart with greater joy than when my grain and new wine abound (Ps. 4:7)."

I hope you find time to pray those words to our beautiful Saviour, thanking Him for promising to not only give us peace, but to reap a harvest with our hands if we do not grow weary in doing good. May God give me the strength to praise Him more, and serve Him more.
Have a beautiful evening!

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  1. You're right Emmie--God will work with or without us, but our labor (whatever it may be)for the Lord is never in vain. Jesus purposely chose a "trivial" task to teach us that lesson: "Whoever gives even a cup of cold water to drink shall not lose his reward." What may seem of little consequence at the moment can be as you say--"a ripple"-- a rippling that affects more lives than we realize.

    As I minister to others, I sometimes struggle with the response of those to whom I minister. I shared these thoughts last week with the ladies who serve with GFMA:

    "I recently finished studying the book of Genesis in my devotions. I always enjoy studying the life of Abraham and Sarah as they did what many missionaries do--they left their homeland and traveled to a far away country to fulfill God's will for their lives. As I read chapter 14 which relates the story of Abraham rescuing Lot from the invading kings, I began thinking about how Abraham probably wasn't totally pleased with the way Lot was living. He probably knew that Lot would return to Sodom even after his rescue. Yet Abraham endangered his life and the lives of his trained servants to help Lot. Abraham ministered to Lot by rescuing him--even though Lot did not respond afterwards in the way that Abraham may have wanted. Sometimes we get discouraged and even upset because of the actions of some of those to whom we minister. We may risk "life and limb" for them, we sacrifice conveniences so that they may hear the gospel and so that we may live among them and disciple them. For those of us who live in the U.S., we also choose to live on a lower economical level to be able to give monetarily to others and travel to foreign countries to minister. Yet some of those to whom we minister do not respond the way we would like. Even some who profess Christ and show spiritual growth may turn against us and work to our detriment. That is why it is so important to minister "as unto the Lord"--not for the results we want or the expectations we may have. Abraham did what he was supposed to do and left the results up to God! This story was such a good reminder for me to stay focused and faithful no matter what others do!"

    Dad and I love and appreciate your servant's heart, my dear daughter!

    Mom Seals