Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Be slow to speak.
We hear that throughout scripture. Words of wisdom guiding us to holding our tongue. I wish that Christians could practice that more often. We are too quick to condemn, whether by words said, or protesters at rallies saying, "You're going to hell." Once the hateful words roll of our tongues, the damage it does to a nonchristian is immeasurable. I do not have statistics on this, but I firmly believe that nonchristians are so hateful towards our faith not because of Jesus Christ and the bible, but because of the actions of those who say they follow Him. We are to live like Christ. Die to ourselves, live for Him, and love with every action. When people see our loving Father shining through us, they are captured with intrigue and drawn into wanting more. I once said 'christianity is not a debate. It is a demonstration.' May God give us grace to demonstrate Christ.
"Frivolous arguments can dilute spiritual truths into human logic. We are not called to debate faith but to do it."--Beth Moore
Based of 3 John 3, I want God to have the great joy of hearing others talk about my faithfulness to the truth and how I continue to walk in the truth...meaning I must be transformed by the renewel of my mind, in Christ Jesus.

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