Friday, July 9, 2010


Happy Friday morning! I am so thankful it is the weekend. I still have not caught up on rest from traveling about this past weekend, and plan to relax as much as possible this evening through Sunday.
Is it as hot in your state as it is here in Georgia? If so, join me in Operation Cool-Down. The radio station I listen to, 104.7 the Fish, challenged its listeners yesterday to take popsicles, icey lemonade, bottled water, etc. to those who despite the heat, must do their job away from air conditioning: Construction workers, landscape workers, mail men, trash men...the list could go on. Would you like to join me in doing this?
We have to halt in our Love Dare extravaganza. I decided that I really wanted to go through 'The Love Dare' with Zane, and originally we had discussed doing just yesterday afternoon I confessed to Zane that I had already been reading through the book. (He knews something had been up, with me buying him a Harry Potter book.)
On our way to work we began Dare 1 together: Be patient. I will check in with you tomorrow and let you know how that goes. Perhaps our patience with each other will be tried and we can hold our tongue...let's see. As far as yesterday's dare goes, I did complete Dare 8 before confessing. Since he works at a job that doesn't allow him to really talk on the phone, I texted him, stating "I'm so proud of u! U do all u can to make a good life for us. Thank u for being loyal to our marriage and loving me so much." His response was short and sweet: "And thank u for being a good wife." I'd say we are doing pretty good loving each other--but I am looking forward to learning how to love him more!
On a side note, I have started a new journey in my life. I am too hesitant to say what it is...I want to see how well it pans out first. I would love for you to be praying for me though, as I walk down this new and exciting path! Once I feel comfortable revealing this crazy ordeal, I will let you in on it!
Have a wonderful day, and don't forget Operation Cool-Down!

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