Friday, May 7, 2010


Good morning! I hope you are enjoying this beautiful day! Not too hot, but fabulously sunny. I'm loving it.
I am a music fanatic. Music reaches through my heart and into my soul only like Jesus can do. Some music..when I hear it I feel like my soul is about to burst out of me! I just want to be with Jesus right now! Unless you understand what I am saying...well, then I can't explain it. Sorry. I can't even understand it myself. But some songs, it doesn't matter how many times I sing them or hear them...I tear up every time! Every time! One time, when I was back in Chattanooga singing on a praise team there, I just lost it during a song. I'm not talking about making a spectacle of myself and drawing worship away from Christ, but I definitely had the other singer take the lead while I backed away from the mic...singing of God's grace can just choke me up!
However, sometimes words can not be expressed any clearer than how they have already been written. Hymns are so beautiful to me. So full of Jesus. Of reverence for our Amazing God! There are some songs that aren't hymns though, that swell my soul just as much. When I hear them, I know exactly who made me. I can't argue that I am clay and that the Potter is working upstairs...drawing me closer to Him with every moment. I hate that the flesh of me sometimes fights Him. After all He is taught me, I will be honest...I am so naiive at times. So stupid. Why don't I learn my lessons. To have faith. To trust in His unfailing love. He is so good to me. So good to all of us.
I want to share lyrics of a song with you. I hope they swell your soul up as well and that they become a song to your Saviour. The song is 'Wish' by Joy Williams.
For just a moment I wish I could have been there. To see Your first step, hear Your very first word. Tell me, did You ever fall and scrape Your knee? Did You know Your wounds would one day heal the world?
For just one moment I wish I could have seen You growing. Learning the ways of a carpenter's son. To walk along beside You, never look away. Just Your whisper and the wind and sea obey. To see You feed the people, to feel the healing in Your touch.
I wish I could have been there. My only wish is to see You face to face. I wish I could have been there, just to see You, Jesus, face to face.
To see You pray in the garden alone laying down Your will with each tear. To see You walk that lonely road. Willing to die for me....
And in that moment I know I should have been there. When You took my cross and gave Your life.
I wish I could have been there. I wish I could have seen You rise again. I wish I could have been there! My only wish is to see You face to face. Someday I'll be there. I'm going to be there. I'll see Your face, Your mercy Your grace. Someday. Someday. I'm going to see You, Jesus, face to face.

Oh what a day that will be! I long for that day! While I'm glad that day didn't happen last week on I-285, once that day comes, pure, unprecedented joy will surround me.
Be blessed today, dear friends!

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