Thursday, May 6, 2010


Today is National Day of Prayer! I hope none of us need to be reminded of that to pray. I hope we each love spending time with Jesus. God has placed a new excitement in my heart and I hope He grows the exitement within me! It is absolutely incredible the difference that is made when we pray everyday...when we start off our day with prayer and ask God to abide with us every moment of the day so we can literally be praying without ceasing. I know that God doesn't need us to pray. He doesn't need anything. But if we do not pray, it is impossible to abide in Christ. It is impossible to feel close to be intimate. How can you be close to anyone if you do not talk with them?
I am sometimes reminded of something I need to be praying for and just think I will pray about it later. Oh friends...what on earth is stopping us from praying? The mornings that I start off with God, my day goes completely different. I am so aware of His presence that I know it is okay for me to just...pray. I feel so silly that I use to think I had to set aside a time to pray. That God doesn't like sentence prayers. But dears....we are told to pray without ceasing (I Thess 5:17). I don't have to set aside a time. All of my time should be given to Jesus! Communicating with Him. Seeking His will in everything. Sounds hard to do, doesn't it? Well, I firmly believe that with Christ, we can do it. I am praying that we can! That His children will pray more and be drawn into an intimacy beyond what we ever thought possible.
As you go about your day, thank God for all His many blessings. Ask Him to make You more aware of Him in every aspect of your life. Seek first His with your Saviour! He longs to hear your voice.

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