Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Good afternoon! I hope you are not nearly as tired as I...I have no idea why I just can't wake up. It is 4:48 pm and I do not know how I will make it through women's biblestudy this evening. However, with how much I enjoy socializing with and learning from the wonderful ladies there, I'm sure once we start talking I will wake up a bit.
So, today's topic is adoption. You probably expect me to talk to you right now about the beauty of God adopting us. Oh, I will...but not in this entry. I actually want you to pray for me and my husband. One day, God-willing, we will start down the long, tedious journey of adopting from a foreign land...
I have traveled to Romania 3 times, all during my years of college. My travels there were consumed by various mission's projects. One of the trips, my first trip there, was to work in baby orphanages. Dear friends, my heart was consumed with love for the children there. These precious babies received very little, if any, physical contact...and insanely low amounts of food. My heart broke for how the baby orphanage was run; I longed to do more. Since the spring of 2004, my heart has been passionately awaiting a moment for God to bless me with the opportunity to adopt a Romanian child.
Since 2001, Romanian adoption has been closed to inter-country adoptions. This was done for a variety of reasons; however, unless you are a blood relative of the child, adoptions have not been allowed for 9 solid years! Recently, a very dear friend of mine in Romania informed me that the laws may be changing. I cried tears of joy when I heard that.
I know that God can do anything...but for some reason, I didn't really believe He would open this door. The door has not been opened yet, but my husband and I are hopeful that in a few years we may be able to adopt a Romanian baby girl.
I would appreciate your prayers for us and for this situation. I have prayed for these laws to change for over 6 years now, and am hopeful for the day that God says YES! to this request. Here are some ways you can be prayer warriors for and with us:
1) For the law to change enabling loving parents to be allowed to adopt.
2) For me to have patience during this and rely on God's sovereignty..and Perfect will.
3) For the child that God chose long ago for us...for her health, for the parent's decisions during the pregnancy, for how Zane and I will one day explain that we adopted her...and for her to never suffer the insecurity of thinking her birth parents didn't 'want' her.
5) For ease of the process if and when the door is opened...that God will guide each step we take.
Thank you so much for coming along side us! I love praying together! Knowing that you are with us, praying for us in the years to come, means so much to me. I love each of you, and am so blessed to have you be a part of my life.

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