Monday, April 19, 2010

Recent Review

I came across a post just a moment ago on my myspace page. I do not know why, but I had the sudden urge to reread the previous blogs I had posted on myspace since 2006! It truly was interesting to read about what God was teaching me then...and how immature some of those blogs sounded! Oh wow!

If you have one, get out your journal from several years ago and reread some entries. You might cry, or laugh...or just reminisce, but I believe God can still teach us what we refused to learn years ago through old memories that we recall and look for His presence during them.

The most recent blog on my myspace page was from April 20, 2008. One day shy of two years ago. It is so interesting where my heart was and how much God had let me in on...oh His plans are so perfect aren't they! I know...sometimes in the midst of them we think He may not be paying attention, but friend, He is. He always is. Just remember His will is better than ours...that is such a hard truth to learn and believe! Oh to have undying belief in that! I cannot explain how much I waver in my faith when it comes to my will vs. His will. I do not know why I waver! He has proven Himself true over and over and over again. But how quickly we sometimes forget!

I realize I am straying from what I was initially blogging myspace blog...but just for a moment, as you sip your tea/coffee, think back over your life. In what areas has God proven His will to be good and perfect? My husband and I recently recalled all the times God has worked good in our lives just since knowing each other...that is a little over 2 1/2 years...and we had so much to be thankful for! It wowed both of us that there were so many things God had worked together for good and we hadn't even noticed until we took the time to think about it. Will you take a moment and think about the last 2 1/2 years of your life? What all has God done in your life that you may have looked over....or that you didn't look over and clearly saw His will was so much better than yours?

Have you thought about it? If so, welcome back! I hope you enjoyed looking back over your life! Okay, real fast, the interesting thing about my blog: upon writing it, Zane and I had been dating for 3 weeks, and do you know what I was writing about? How much good God had worked in my life. How faithful He had been when I needed Him. I was writing about how blessed I was and how undeserving. Haha...I was saying how excited I was for the rest of my life. That this blessing God had just given me was for the rest of my life. I was writing about my husband! He had not put the ring on my finger yet, nor asked my daddy's permission, but he was the one. The man made just for me. And I knew it in my core.

I hope you have had similar experiences in your life that made you just overflow with joy. I hope that you WILL have them, continually. God is always there, and He loves us so much. Sometimes, we just need people to remind us that He hasn't forgotten us.

Have a blessed day!

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