Thursday, April 29, 2010

I saw God today

Usually, I spend some time asking about your day...but I cannot wait any longer to tell you about my day!
My husband and I have been married just a few days over 1 year. We haven't seen our pre-marital counselor in a while, and we were blessed to be able to meet up with him in Marietta for lunch. (If you haven't been to Papasitta's Cantina, you need to go! The fajitas are delicious!) After lunch, we headed back to Lawrenceville for Zane to drop me off at work before heading home. That's when it happened...
We were in the fast lane, and needed to start getting over so we could exit I-285 and onto I-85. We merged into the lane to the right of us, and the girl in the next lane, no blinker, no checking to see us there, came over into our lane...never slowing down or swerving back into her lane despite Zane honking. Zane cut to the left but the car that had been behind us in the slow lane was already speeding by us, causing Zane to cut back to the right...while trying not to hit the girl that still did not know what was going on. There were three cars, us in the middle, and one on either side, sharing 2 lanes. There is absolutely no reason why Zane cutting back and forth trying to gain control of his car shouldn't have hit one of them. Then, we started spinning. As we were spinning I kept seeing cars speeding by and I was terrified we were going to get hit. We spun 2-3 times, stopping parellel over 2 lanes, my side facing oncoming traffic.
I saw hands. I saw two hands stretched out towards the oncoming traffic, and the cars heading towards us were already slowing down, the front two with their hazard lights on, moving over so that we could readjust ourselves. At first I thought they were my hands...but my hands were grasped around my hair, covering my ears and almost shielding my eyes. Dear friends. I firmly believe I saw God's hands today. I know without a shadow of doubt that had God not intervened, we would have been killed. We were going 75-80 miles an hour in Atlanta traffic, the middle of the day. It was extremely heavy. There were cars all around us before the near crash, but when we had finally spun to a stop, traffic had thinned out. No semis were around. And the cars in the fast lane had slowed enough that we were not hit. Not at all!
Friends, I am so thankful to be alive! All I was thinking when we first started fish-tailing was that I was going to lose my husband. All he was thinking was that he was going to lose me. But God protected us. He had His hands right there with us, guiding everything!
I do not know why God saved us. But I do know God is sovereign, and for whatever reason, He is not finished with us yet. It is not our time to go home to Him. He still has use for us here. I am so thankful, and...I absolutely cannot wait to see what God has in store for us. I am so vastly aware of my need for Him, especially during that time, and incredibly thankful that He stopped those cars.
Once we had merged onto I-85, one of the cars that had been near us while we were spinning just looked intently over at us. I'm absolutely sure he was thinking 'what just happened,' and 'how we were okay?'
Dears! Please, praise God with me today that we were saved! And we get to live another day! Please lift us up in prayer, and ask that we live each day as if it were a last. God has something for us to do! For all of us, as His children. I don't want to miss it.


  1. Emmie, a number of years ago Shirley Mc and I were driving south on 985. At the merge with 85, we saw a car spin out when someone cut in front of her - or something. I don't even remember. There was a lot of traffic. She spun across several lanes and ended up against the concrete divider on the left, facing north rather than south. It happened in so few seconds, we weren't even sure we'd really seen what we thought. As we passed the car, a young woman just sat stunned, gripping the wheel and staring. It was like a power current ran across that road.I always wondered how her car got turned around in the right direction, but there was nothing we could do. I don't think we even had cell phones.

    I'm so grateful that God showed Himself strong in your behalf today!


  2. I remember seeing an artful sketch of a little girl in a swing with her head thrown back in joyful abandon. The ropes attached to the swing were being held by two Hands reaching down from the sky. Across the picture were the words "Trust Me". I couldn't help but remember that picture and think of the Hands that protected you from the oncoming traffic.