Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Life is a journey, a dance, a song. For me, life should never stand still. There might be a moment where the road is winding, changing into something even more brilliant than before. A key change, a shimmy, a skip. But whether the road is turning or staying straight, I hope we are compeled towards something. That something is drawing us in. For me, I long for every step I take to be one pulling me closer to Christ. I want to run towards Him. Run fast, run hard, with the peddle of my feet, my breath, and the dust to make a sound just for Him. For His kingdom. For His glory.
Sarah Reeves sings it perfectly in her song, "Sweet, Sweet Sound." May this be true for me as well. "I am an instrument of the living God. My life a melody to His name. More than the songs I sing, worship is everything. I live to glorify my King. Hear the song of my life! May it be a sweet, sweet sound. May it be a sweet, sweet sound. I raise this anthem high. May it be a sweet, sweet sound. A sweet, sweet sound. Through all the mire and clay You are washing me with grace. You carry me, O Lord, through it all. So I will testify, even in the fire, I live to praise my Saviour."
Praise God that He sent His Son to die for my sins so that I may come before the throne of the King of Kings and ask such a crazy question: May I be more like Jesus?
Will you join me on my journey? As I blog, question me. Encourage me. I want this to be a time where we can share a cup of Green Tea with a dab of honey. Laugh together. Cry together. And most importantly, meet with Jesus together. I love you all, and I pray this will be a joyful moment in your day.

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