Sunday, April 18, 2010


Fitting title since today is my 1 year anniversary with my husband! I cannot explain how thankful I am for Zane. God provided me with someone I had been praying for my whole life! Someone my mom had been praying for. Really! She knew before I did. I mean, I knew Zane was special, but my mom upon meeting him for the first time (we weren't even dating yet!) told me he was the one. Looking at Zane was like looking at her son. My how clear it was to her after praying for 22 years for this man that God had answered her prayers.
I long to be the kind of prayer warrior that when God answers a prayer it is abundantly clear. Have you ever had a similar experience happen? Oh how great it must feel to just...see Him answering prayers in the midst of it!
Since it is my anniversary, I don't want to take up much time here. I mean, we are celebrating something! I just wanted to say that God has been so great and blessed me so much. Zane and I have learned so much...what I take personally, what irritates him, how to NOT to communicate. But above all, we are learning how to love. Love outside ourselves. Choose to love more. I cannot wait for the many more things we have to learn with each other. Praise God that he has given me someone to learn with that is so patient, so kind, so forgiving, and so loving.
Have an incredibly blessed day!

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  1. I am so glad that God chose you as the answer to my prayers for a godly, sensitive to Christ and others, wonderful, beautiful spouse! Much love from your mom-in-law!!!