Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Last Days

When I first arrived at the office this morning, I went into the breakroom and heard two ladies talking about one of their mothers who recently passed. The lady said, "It is okay. I know how much she was looking forward to being with the Lord."
It reminded me of my granddad. Last year, my husband and I traveled to Memphis--well, Moscow, a little town outside of Memphis--to visit my grandparents and the Aunt and Uncle they live with. Though driving through Alabama is not the most enjoyable trip in the world, I got a glimpse of something incredible while visiting with my granddad that I had never seen before. At the end of every day, my grandparents sit down to watch the Gaithers sing several praise songs. After listening to a few, I looked over to see my granddad crying--there was such a longing in his tear-filled eyes. Can you imagine following the Lord for a lifetime and just wanting to be with him? In heaven with Him?
I don't think that is crazy. My granddad loves his life on earth. He has a beautiful wife, my grandmother, and great children and grandchildren...hopefully he will live to see great-grandchildren as well. But my granddad longs to be with his Saviour in His Kingdom! He LONGS for it. Do you know what that is like? I don't. To think of it, I then start thinking of all the memories on earth I have yet to create. Oh but to be at that point where every song drops you to your knees and brings tears to your eyes--my granddad can look at Jesus every moment of the day and say, "I am ready and willing to come home. I cannot wait to see you!"
I think that is so powerful. I love that I was able to witness it, and I long for God to mold my heart so closely to His that I have that same longing in my eyes.
I love you, Granddad.
Have a wonderful morning everyone!

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