Friday, June 29, 2012

Forget being Stalled

Good afternoon!  On my last entry, I mentioned that Zane and I have been discovering that if we get pregnant during the adoption process, our application is put on hold, or in some cases, completely stalled and we would have to start all over again once our new child is 6 months old.  Talk about agony!  

Well, I am happy that we have found several agencies and countries that do NOT have that policy.  In fact, it can even help the bonding of the children the closer they are in age, right?  So, we have a lot of prayer that needs to happen, for God to give us wisdom as we pursue adoption.  We are narrowing down our agency choices, I think....and we are both feeling a heart towards Asia and Africa.  This comes as a shock to me because of my love for Romania.  I thought for sure I would feel pulled towards Eastern Europe, but God is working in my heart a different way than expected.  God does that, though!  And His ways are best.  I look so forward to what He has in store.

Have a wonderful Friday!  Stay cool.  It is so hot outside!

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