Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Stalled for the Moment

Well, it turns out that the Condo we had a contract on just wasn't meant to be.  Praise the Lord He had already been working in my heart!

For a little over a week, prior to finding out our contract was falling through, I began having doubts about the Condo.  Were we making the right choice?  We offered a little more than we were originally comfortable with.  We weren't going to have a yard for Roman, and future children, to play in.  Something just wasn't sitting right.  I was becoming less excited about becoming a home-owner of this Condo, and more worried that there was something else out there for us.  Maybe a house.  Maybe we just need to renew our lease.  I don't know...something.

I received a call from our lender Friday evening.  Now, I had been praying all last week that if we weren't supposed to have the house, God would make it clear to us by Friday.  Sure enough, Friday at 5 p.m., our lender called to let us know two problems going on with the FHA insurability of the Condo.  Basically, it wasn't going to happen, and there wasn't anything Zane or I could do.  It required the owners of other condos, and the HOA, to follow the guidelines laid out by FHA, but they were both far behind.  I'd say God answered my prayer loud and clear!  Praise Him for that!  Even if we were to follow through on our Condo, and somehow HOA and other owners did what they were supposed to do, the liklihood of us falling into this same predicament when we try to sell is very high.  
Now, what this means:  We are giving ourselves until Friday.  If God wants us to have a house, we will see it between now and then.  If He doesn't, we will renew our lease until December.  Which would mean: A) I'm most certainly not getting another dog right now (please imagine me moping...I just love dogs!) and B) we are MOST DEFINITELY not starting the adoption process at this moment.  We need to have a home to grow in before we can add on another child...or two...or three.

Life is a roller coaster.  I'm so thankful God is planning every day and holding the Seals' family each step of the way!

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