Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Longing Worth Waiting On

The idea of adopting is even more beautiful now than it was 8 years ago when God first put the PASSION in my heart.  It is all I can do to contain this joy in eager anticipation of God's timing.  You might notice, over to the right, we have a 'donate' button now to our adoption fund.  We might only get pennies donated at the moment.  Who knows?!  As Zane puts it, "I wouldn't donate to someone if they hadn't started the process yet, at least chosen an agency and a country."

However, I'm of the mind that people who know me know that this isn't a whim.  They know we will be adopting, as soon as God says 'now.'  I have zero doubt in my mind that God will provide for us financially to bring our children home.  And, if this is going to be a 3 year + journey, why not start raising money now?  The more money we raise before we start, the easier (hopefully!) it will be to complete our dossier (fancy word for a ton of paperwork) and have it sent to our country that we will be adopting from.

Friends, I look so forward to our precious little ones.  Baby Seals #2 and #3 (or #3 and #4, should we become pregnant before bringing our adopted ones home) are already greatly loved, prayed for, and LONGED for.

I hope you are having a beautiful day, filled with God's love and warmth shining down!

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