Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Holding for Pregnancy

According to one of the adoption agencies we have been in contact with, most countries will put your application on hold should you become pregnant during the process.  This gives me pause.  Zane and I want to start the adoption process, and knowing that it will be a several year journey, we would like to get pregnant and have another child while we wait to bring our children home from overseas.  But, if that would put our application on hold, then Zane and I have some considering to do.  Get pregnant sooner than we wanted?  Have a baby after we bring our children from overseas home?  So many things to consider!

Here I was, back in my naive days, thinking I knew just about all there was to know regarding adoption, just longing for the time that God will put this calling into motion.  Haha!  But now, actually researching agencies and countries with my husband, going to meetings, talking with  people who have made this journey...well, let's just say I didn't know all I thought I did.  Don't you just love wake-up calls!

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