Thursday, April 21, 2011


I love dancing.  I love watching dancing.  It is so beautiful the emotions that can be expressed without ever uttering a sound.  I view life as a dance, one that we salsa to, swing to, and sometimes just get down in the dirt with the messy and grind to.  My one and only tattoo is in Hebrew and it is of the verb 'to dance.'  This serves as a reminder to me to let my life be a beautiful dance to the Lord.  And only to Him.
Lately my dance for Jesus has do I say it....pure elated next to exhausted.  Being pregnant brings out a whole new range of emotions for me, and surprises.  And the desire to 'train my child in the way he/she should go' is entwined with the fear of failing miserably.  How do we discipline and show God's grace at the same time?  How do we teach while unconditionally loving?  My parents did such a beautiful job....but when it is your own child, Lord give me strength to honor You in ALL things!  As I dance before my little ones eyes, may it be a reflection of You!
Today we had an ultrasound, and our little miracle is doing great (refer back to previous posts to see where cysts were going to make this possibility slim, but God healed!).  Our baby loves music and dances--well kicks and pokes from what I can feel--when we listen to Frank Sinatra or good 'ole hymns.  Today they had music playing and our baby was going nuts!  Pumping its hands above it's little head, clapping, twisting.  Baby has rhythm:)  And I long for the day when I get to see my little one, this precious gift of God, dance around in the living room (or on daddy's feet if it is a girl).  And I pray that this little one will one day know my Saviour as its Saviour, and be able to dance before our Father as he/she goes through life. 

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