Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Friends, I have been away for quite a while! It isn't that I haven't had tons to write about....I just find it so exhausting being pregnant that all I want to do is lay on the couch when I get home from work.
But that isn't the only reason why I have been avoiding writing. The month of March was simply....exhausting, difficult, and one that my husband and I want to skip from now on. You know, just have 11 months during the year instead of 12. Maybe extend February and April to cover up the horrible month we just went through.
It started with me getting pneumonia, which was a terribly stressful time since I'm pregnant. Fortunately, the baby survived just fine in my womb, sucking up all the nutrients I was putting in, making it longer for me to recover. As soon as I was well, my husband received news that a job he was in the running for waited too long under federal guidelines to hire him under that particular program....waited 1 week too long. Yay for the government. A day later, our beautiful german shepherd/rottweiler 4 year old Moxie passed away due to a stroke. No sign. Completely healthy. I was working and received the terrible news. Zane was home and witnessed the whole minute of pain that took Moxie's life. Torn between grieving and trying to be strong for my husband, Frisbee (our little dog and best friends with Moxie), and our unborn child, I rarely let myself cry....which probably explains why every few days tears stream down my face as I remember my beautiful baby girl:( But, light was around the corner as a puppy, that just so happened to Divinely (thank you God!) be a german shepherd/rottweiler mix, born right before Moxie's birthday, arrive at the shelter the week of Moxie's death. We went to look at her....and it was clear. She was going home with us. But within a week, she came down with pneumonia! (Bet you didn't know dogs could get pneumonia!) Fortunately the shelter we adopted our new pup, Caprica, from, also gave us 60 days of pet insurance. So pouring out hundreds of dollars, we are now waiting to be reimbursed by the insurance.
Then, my dear Aunt Doris died.  I had only been around my Aunt Doris a handful of times in my lifetime, yet I knew she was a woman of God.  She is definitely in heaven with Him.  Still, there was no way we could travel to the funeral.  And her funeral was one that I would have liked to have gone to...witnessing people, while mourning, rejoicing in the life God allowed her to lead, and rejoicing in the anticipation she had of going Home. 
Then, to wrap it up, a title that my husband was sure to receive, that he most definitely earned, which would propel him through the Federal Government, passed over his name in their selections. Simply to say, I have been so held down by life and it always changing, that this blog was the last thing on my mind. But now, as I have time to reflect, be sure to stay here as I update you on a new goal of mine, the gift God gave me through Moxie, the growth of our developing baby, and some songs that are touching my life and sure to touch yours. In the meantime, grace and peace to you in our Father through the Lord, Jesus Christ!

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