Thursday, April 7, 2011

Baby Seals Craziness

I never knew pregnancy was going to be so difficult. Goodness....where is my glow?

Haha....I've wanted a baby for so long. I always wondered if it would happen biologically first or if we would adopt. From here on, I'm even a stronger advocate of adoption than before. I've been so stinkin sick. Nevertheless, I'm praising God for giving us this miracle after healing my body from cysts.

I started feeling the baby move about 2 wks ago....oh its little popcorn kicks! I was sitting in a meeting and felt something and knew it wasn't gas or my stomach growling....WHAT WAS THAT!!! All I could think of was Sigourney Weaver in the series aliens. I feel like my baby is trying to rip out of my stomach. Am I the only woman who wants to puke when her baby moves? Goodness....there is something moving inside of me!

Pregnancy has been rough. Between vomiting, I have constant nausea. The growing pains are...hmm, practice for labor I suppose, though I know these growing pains don't compare at all to how I'm going to fill as this baby rips me apart. Ok, let's not dwell on that. I told my sister-in-law several weeks ago that I'd rather my baby be tearing me apart then making all food and liquid come up. I definitely prefere pain over...regurgitation. (Maybe my mind will change come September.)

Oh, Baby Seals. How mommy is going to get you back once you are here:) Okay, no I won't...unless you don't get a full ride to college! I just love you, love you, love you (and will love you more if you can sing on key, and love music, and are athletic, and aren't embarrassed by mommy yelling at the ref's when they make calls in favor of the other team).

Oh may God give me the grace to not plan my child's life. He already has. And He has numbered the days. Praise God that His plan is perfect, and that this baby is fearfully and wonderfully made in His image. May my baby grow to sing His praises all the days of its life.

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