Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Lord's Calling

God's will always comes to pass.  Maybe not in the way we would expect, but it always comes to pass.  He is sovereign.  He has known my days since before the world began, and something He called me to do, before the beginning of time, He will see to pass.

I've mentioned before about my desire, passion, for adoption.  Back in the Spring of 2004, on a mission trip with my college ministry to Romania during spring break, my heart for adoption was clenched while serving in a baby orphanage.  I've known since then that I would adopt one day.  The country, the time, unknown...by me, but not unknown to our Sovereign God!

Well, last week Zane and I decided that we will officially start the process, aka turn in our application and see where God leads us.  We are currently 13 weeks pregnant, so we might be limited as to how far we can advance in the process for now, but nevertheless we will begin and I'm so incredibly thankful for that.  This has been a longing for over 8 years and I cannot wait to bring my baby home!

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