Thursday, May 24, 2012

A New Journey

I know, I know!  It has been a very long time since my last post.  I could sit here and make excuses about how busy I am feeding Roman, changing diapers, trying to be a good wife, crochet, clean, etc...but the truth is, I haven't even thought about writing that much!  Shame on me.  I love writing.  So, let's try and do this again!

I began, as in 1 entry, to share a chapter in the Gospels.  That didn't last.  I'm not going to tell you "I will do this every day."  Things in my life just don't work out that way anymore!  But what I can tell you is that I will do my best to be more consistent with writing and sharing.  

Roman has his 2 bottom front teeth now.  He is crawling, everywhere.  He makes a beeline to the dog food every single day.  (Don't worry.  None has made it to his mouth YET.)  Roman adores our dog, Caprica.  They make out (yes, kiss all the time), play tug of war, share toys, and Roman will even lay on her, hitting her over and over and Caprica is just SO gentle with him.  (She is a german shepherd/rotti mix.  Her gentleness with Roman amazes me.  Such a huge blessing from God!)  Our other dog, Frisbee, we gave to my older brother.  I have loved her and raised her for 8 years.  But once Roman came along she started messing every single day in the house.  She even pooped on my foot...yes...ON MY FOOT 4 times.  She also growls at Roman if he gets too close.  So, yes, Fris had to go.

We have a contract on a condo in Hendersonville.  This began with us stepping out in faith.  Not knowing if God wants us to remain here, or move back to Atlanta.  But while we wait for His calling, our lease was coming to an end, and to re-up, management was going to raise the price over $100!!!  So, we began looking for houses.  I will tell you more about this in another post:)  

God is great, and He is doing great things in our lives.  And in our friend's lives.  I can just see Him at work in so many ways.  And this makes me excited, and prayerful, and more and more eager to know what He will do next.  And more and more eager to have Him hold me in His arms, my family, and those I love.  Being a mother has taught me that I have ZERO control...but that is okay, because God is never surprised by anything and He will work everything out for our good and His glory.

Have a beautiful day!

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