Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Time to Share

Yesterday I had the wonderful blessing of visiting with a dear friend from Romania.  We met 8 years ago while I was helping with a youth camp, and then again 7 years ago during my summer in Piatra Neamt, Romania.  We have kept in touch since then, but not nearly as often as either of us would like.  I suppose that when you are living in two different countries, living two separate lives...while you may still be in fellowship with each other, the fellowship is not as close as it could be when shared.

It was wonderful seeing her.  God has called her to serve in a country where it is not particularly safe towards Christians.  She is serving those who could lose everything if they gave their life to Christ: family, friends, their home...  Spending time with her reminded me of how important it is to know what God is doing around the world.  Here in America, we get so busy.  So focused on us.  Our life.  Our church.  Our job.  We lose sight of the bigger picture.  Christ, and spreading the gospel to those around us and across the globe, to further His Kingdom as His Spirit leads. 

When I worked at Mission to the World, it truly came home to me that if we are not going, and we are not sending, we are disobeying.  As I reflect on my time with my friend, and how I live my life, it begs me to evaluate if I am going or sending...or disobeying.  Where is my time and energy spent?  Yes, right now my son demands more energy than I could ever imagine I had!  But God has put people in my life, all around me, and there are opportunities everywhere to share the great news of the gospel.  And I am called to go to them, seize those opportunities, send people financially and prayerfully, and love like Jesus loved, letting His light shine through my life, so that this dark world can have Hope that is only found in Him.

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