Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Just Ask

We have a contract on a condo!  And I am very thrilled.  Since 2004, I have sensed a great desire to own my own property, and stop this horrible cycle of wasting money on rent.  When the economy tanked a few years ago, Zane and I began to understand just how difficult it is for a first-time homebuyer to actually purchase a home.  We have nearly perfect credit, are extremely frugal financially, but, as any of you who have a home know, there are always bumps in the road!

Back in April, we found out that when our lease is up, July 2, our rent will be increased over $100.  I assume that with so many people losing their homes, more people are renting, and apartment management can take advantage of that by increasing rent due to apartments being in such high demand.  Well, where we live is not worth what we are currently paying.  Zane and I decided to step out in faith and look for property.

What you might not know is that we live in the Nashville area.  Zane's dream job is in Atlanta.  When God brought us here, we were confused, to say the least.  Then God led us to our church.  We believe He brought us here for that reason--for us to be a part of Redeemer.  While the job Zane wants will definitely be his as soon as the company starts hiring again, we have no idea as to how long we might wait.  Our stepping out in faith was not just for God to lead us to the home He wants for us, but if God wants us to stay in Nashville, that He would take us to our home.

We couldn't find anything.  Two days before we had to give our apartment management their 60 day notice of us staying or leaving, Zane and I decided to look at condos/townhomes.  We just couldn't find a stand alone house and wanted to make sure we looked at everything.  I emailed our realtor and we set up 5 condos to view the next morning.  That is when I read James 4 and gleaned these 3 things:  1) "you do not have because you do not ask."  While we were seeking God's will, I had not simply asked for a home.  So, I did.  2)  "Do not speak evil against one another."  I had become slightly bitter towards my fellow believers surrounding me.  I was judging them from what I viewed they had, while thinking Zane and I do everything right and can't find the smallest, safe home for our family to grow in.  But has God not given us more than we could ever imagine!  I must not judge my fellow Christians!  and 3) "you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes."  This confirmed how our house hunt started:  stepping out in faith because we don't know what tomorrow brings but do know that God will lead us where He wants us.

And that morning, about an hour or so after studying James 4 and spending time in prayer, I walked into the condo that we now have a contract on.  Goodness, waiting for closing is so difficult though!  Trust in the Lord.  He will lead you.  Follow.

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