Friday, January 21, 2011

Where does love come from?

It really is impossible to answer that question without giving the Sunday school answer, 'Jesus!' Nevertheless, a friend asked, and after responding with 'Jesus,' she still wanted an email so that she could give her singles group a few ideas. You may find it corny, but I'm okay with that. Here is what I said:
Love comes from our deep need for attention; to be needed; to be cared for; longed for; appreciated; desired. It also comes from puppies. The way they look at you when they are hungry. Or want to play. Or cuddle. They need you. They can't survive without you. True, perhaps it is more of a dependence on you. But aren't we in fact dependent upon love? We need it. We look for it. We walk the world to find it. And when we believe we have found it, we say, "I'm in love." My new love is gentle, honest, kind, affectionate. My love has been looking for me. I hope this is the one. I want to grow old with this person. I love loving this person. My love makes me want to be a better person.
After the freshness of our new love-what we have been searching for-wears off, we realize that our love was not all we thought it was. And we begin our search again. Perhaps this time, or maybe after several repeats of finding new love, we find ourselves on the floor in tears, asking why no one loves us. No one needs us. No one cares for us. Then out of the darkness and tear-stained eyes, in the midst of sobs, we hear "I love you. I have always loved you. I have turned my attention to you since the beginning of time. I care for you. Long for you. Desire to be intimate with you. When will you realize that I am who you have been looking for all along? I am who you need. Come to me. Run into my arms. And I promise, I will never leave you. My grasp will never loose. Let me show you the love you have never known."
And through His love, we find everything to be more colorful. We see blessings we had never noticed before. And when He says it is time, He brings us someone on earth to share His love with, that will reciprocate His love, and our love becomes one that reflects His great love for us.
Love starts with Him. Ends with Him. And thrives when we abide in Him. Apart from Him, we cannot love. We love once we have been loved well. When we meet Love, He overflows into every part of our lives. And only then can true love happen.

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