Thursday, October 20, 2011

Welcome Back

This is more of a welcome back to myself.  Over the last several months, I have taken a break from blogging...from writing really.  I've picked up a new hobby: crocheting.  Not crocheting just anything.  I've only been crocheting Baby Beanies due to being pregnant and wanting to purchase every beanie I saw. 

Two posts ago I wrote about how my patience was wearing thin while waiting on God to open up the door for Zane and I: where he was going to work, where we were going to move, our lives changing drastically with needing a new church, a new OB at 30 weeks pregnant, etc.  Wouldn't you know that God had everything work out?  All for His glory, and I wish I could have been more patient during that time.  More joyful.  That my trust in Him would have shined through more than my weariness of waiting.

So we now live outside Nashville, TN.  Which is PERFECT!  It might not have been what we had our sights on, but God brought us somewhere that feels like 'home.'  At least, as much as a place on earth can feel like home.  Zane has a job, we have found a church, I adore my OB, and we had a....the wait is over, baby BOY!

 Little Roman was welcomed into our family a couple of days after his due date, stubborn boy.  (He gets that from my side of the family.) 
I look forward to writing again as I'm inspired more and more by God, his gifts, and my family.  Have a beautiful day, and whatever God is doing in your life right now, be patient.  He will see His plan come through!

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