Monday, September 13, 2010

Dare 37

"If two of you agree on earth about anything that they may ask, it shall be done for them by My Father." -Matthew 18:19
I apologize for getting so behind on these dares. Zane and I finished the Love Dare a month ago...and I have been so lazy! But, I'm going to get through blogging these, and I truly hope that you, as well as myself, put these dares into constant practice--daily daring ourselves to love our spouse more!
Love agrees in prayer. Would you find that statement to be true? I most certainly do. Prayer draws you to love deeper whoever you are praying for. When you come before God after an argument, He gives you peace, as well as wisdom to see the error of your own ways so that you can love more the person with whom your fighting. When I was in highschool and college, I set up a practice for myself...and it became something that every woman I ran into going through heartache, I advised her to do. Everytime I went through a break-up, and everything within me wanted to hate the jerk who just treated me like a left over piece of pizza with mold (you know the feeling--misery, worthlessness...wondering why you don't deserve love), I would begin to pray for him. Really. God taught me how to pray for those who hurt me. And when you do, the focus is no longer on your hurt heart, but on Christ, and restoring His rightful place in your heart, and granting you strength and dignity. After all, it's hard to stay angry long with someone for whom you're praying!
Now imagine that strength and dignity growing not only in you, but in your spouse as Christ sits on His rightful throne as most important in your life and heart! "Unity that grows between a man and woman who regularly pray together forms an intense and pwerful connection. Within the sanctuary of your marriage, praying together can work wonders on every level of your relationship. When you were joined together as husband and wife, God gave you a wedding gift--a permanent prayer partner for life" (Kendrick).
Maybe my story was a little off topic, but I believe that through praying for those that hurt me, God equipped me to be able to pray with and for Zane in ways I wouldn't be able to now if I hadn't learned then. I don't know if you understand 'music talk,' but when someone makes an analogy with're speaking my language! "The word Jesus used when He talked about "agreeing" in prayer has the idea of a harmonic symphony. Two separate notes, played one at a time, sound different. They're opposed to each other. But play them at the same time--in agreement--and they can create a pleasing sense of harmony. Together they give a fuller, more complete sound than either of them can make on it's own."
Isn't that beautiful? Seeing prayer as husband and wife as a harmony. Praying together is most definitely worshipping together...and how beautiful it must sound to our Lord when we let prayer intervene in our lives and pause us to realize whose presence we are in!
Prayer is a privilege to be enjoyed on a consistent, daily basis. And as a married woman, I have a prayer partner for the rest of our lives. That is the best wedding gift anyone can ever receive.
Dare 37: Begin praying together. Pick the best time, and let it be a part of your every day activities.
Dare 36: Read the Bible daily.
Dare 35: Seek guidance in a mentor.
Dare 34: Celebrate godliness.
Dare 33: Complete each other.
(For previous dares, refer to earlier entries.)

--Inspired by Kendrick's "The Love Dare"

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